Take a short walk to the beautiful stream and listen to the soothing sound of the water fall, at times you  will see native brook trout swimming on by, thier bright jewel reflections glimmering in the sun.
On Spring and Summer  mornings, take your cofee or tea and sit by the stream.... 
relax, rejuvinate, re-fresh "re-green" your soul. 

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to Green Alpaca Yurts!

(built by White Mountain Yurts)

We are offering a truly unique eco-friendly getaway. This beautiful Yurt is in the heart of  New Hampshire and has a heart of green! The yurt is now available for rentals all year round. It is available for one wonderful night or even your whole vacation.
The Yurt is nestled in a secluded spot high on a hill in a private setting. From the yurt you will enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature all around you, from the songs of bluebirds, to the sounds of the whippoorwill, and even the great horned owl. 
At dusk and dawn from your yurt  you may see deer,  or even an occasional,moose. We often see the Pileated woodpeckers busy traveling from tree to tree.
Look out over the pasture of alpacas grazing peacefully.